Palo Alto Health Sciences, Inc.  (PAHS) is at the forefront of revolutionizing the mental health industry with clinically proven, non-invasive, drug-free solutions.  Our first product, the Freespira System, is an FDA-cleared treatment for Panic Disorder which clients complete at-home for one month under the supervision of a healthcare provider.  Freespira is commercially available and therapists nationwide are successfully treating patients with superior results.  To learn more about the Freespira Breathing System, please visit

The foundational clinical research was conducted at Stanford and other leading research institutions where they found 96% of patients had a reduction in panic symptoms and more than 60% were panic attack free immediately post treatment. These results were stable out to at least 12 months post treatment.

Panic Disorder (PD) patients have frequent panic attacks and often seek care in the emergency department since they misinterpret their panic symptoms as a serious medical condition. They are among the highest users of emergency department (ED) services of any behavioral health disorder and average six to ten primary care or specialty medical visits per year, far exceeding expected health utilization based on physical health status. Payers are funding programs in partnership with Health Systems and PAHS to offer Freespira to their members with PD, since the clinical improvements seen following treatment by Freespira are expected to translate into fewer ED visits, lower healthcare utilization and lower system costs given these patients no longer consume excessive medical care. 

The company has successfully raised funds from leading Silicon Valley technology and medical device angel investors as well as healthcare venture capitalists.

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